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    I have an ASUS Memo Pad 7 that I'm having a *&^%! of a time with trying to pair to a Logitech k480 keyboard.

    When I first paired it, it was no problem. It worked just fine. Now, even though it says the device is still paired, I will attempt to use the keyboard, and nothing happens.

    So, I unpair the keyboard to start over, but it is constantly telling me "cannot connect due to incorrect passkey or pin." Except...it never asked me to enter a pin to connect it.

    I'll try again, and suddenly it will throw up a pairing request dialogue box asking me to enter a passcode. 1 of 2 things happens when I enter the passcode. Either A: I hit enter, and it tells me that it "cannot connect due to incorrect passkey or pin," or B: Nothing. I hit enter, and absolutely nothing happens!

    So, I tried pairing it to my Acer laptop, and I had no problems whatsoever. One theory was that maybe I had caps lock on, but I paired and unpaired the keyboard to the computer 2 times with no problem at all.

    I looked around for "bluetooth settings," or a way to clear the bluetooth cache (as per suggested in a related forum) but I could find absolutely no way to do this on my ASUS.

    This is driving me bonkers. I need this keyboard set up for some paper work I'm doing where I need both my computer and tablet to work in conjunction.

    Any help would be mightily helpful

    10-30-2015 03:36 PM

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