1. InesAlicia's Avatar
    I've had my ASUS Memo Pad HD7 for literally 3 days and it has been working fine up until last night when the camera crashed on Snapchat and hasn't been able to open again (in any application, even the camera application)! If I try to open it, it either comes up with a message saying 'No camera found' or there's just a black screen.
    I restarted the device and even did a full factory reset but to no avail!
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do?
    11-17-2013 04:56 PM
  2. ESherick's Avatar
    Was just googling -android "no camera found"- trying to find a solution to this very same problem, and came across this forum. Been using a new Memo Pad HD for the last fortnight with no problem until today. I downloaded what I presume to be the latest Android update from Asus yesterday (currently running 4.2.2 now), and the problem started today. Must be connected.
    11-23-2013 02:03 PM
  3. WeAreNotAlone's Avatar
    So, what was the solution for "NO CAMERA IS FOUND" error message when trying to use camera?

    THINK "TWO WAY STREET" when posting guys and gals, remember to do a detailed follow up when you find out what the problem was /fixed the device!

    I have (2) Memo pad 170CX's running 4.4.2, (Stock)..about thirty days old.The SW version on the device being dated 2014-12-23.

    On on of the 170Cx's all of the sudden (pretty sure camera was working after update to 4.4.2) with only having default cam app installed it will act like it's going to work but then exits with error message.

    Pressing the camera icon results in camera app coming up, with still shot icon selected, no live image on screen. Other icons appear to be greyed out. Still shot icon remains lit for (3) seconds, then video icon lights up as well. Both still and video icons remain lit for (1) second then camera app boots you back to the desktop with a "No camera is found" error message.

    Device has been "Factory Reset both within the OS and via the DROIDBOOT PROVISION OS BOOT MANAGER and problem still persists.

    Select SHUTDOWN if device is powered on, once device shuts off hold down VOL+, and POWER KEY according to ASUS 15 seconds.
    (I found you don't have to old it down that long... I'd say about 6 seconds after device boot screen appears.
    *On some devices you hold the VOL-

    (Seems it's a neutered version of DROIDBOOT as it says FASTBOOT at bottom so I'm not seeing all the options as the vids on YouTube about DROIDBOOT).

    Oh, Installed 3rd Google camera app and another, IIRC using 3rd party app brings up default cam app, and exits w same error message.

    When I called ASUS tech support they had no clue, even though this seems to be a common problem.
    01-27-2015 03:38 PM

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