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    See title! Lol... Love the concept, but not sure I can ahndle the Asus experience I'm reading about... Is anyone completely trouble free? Never had a single issue with any of my past cell phones: Motorola, Alcatel, Samsung, Nokia.
    01-24-2015 11:35 AM
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    I guess I will find out...

    Okay, there’s not a lot of love out there for this device. I get it. It’s not a Porsche Turbo, it’s a Honda Element (the transformer of cars). It’s not high-end, it’s best to look at the screen straight on, transitions from phone to tablet “while running app's” can be troublesome, the camera’s aren’t great, etc… But, there are many positives to this known to be low-end package as well. It’s a small easily pocketable “phone” with 4.5” screen running the latest Android software and a 7” tablet in one, the tablet can charge the phone, it’s 4G LTE, it has a Micro-SD slot, the AT&T GoPhone pricing is reasonable, and the device itself is downright cheap for what you get! For someone that isn’t a high-end cell phone Zombie staring at their latest and greatest cell phone every waking hour, this “package” might make a lot of sense.

    Here’s a little about me and where I am coming from. I just tried a Samsung Gear S SmartWatch out for a couple months as my ONLY cell phone. Although it’s a great device, it’s not designed to be used as I did. Needless to say, that experience was short-lived, as the talking on the wrist experience wasn’t all that great (as your only option), it was heavy on my wrist, it made my wrist sweat, and all-in-all it couldn’t really replace a cell phone completely (again, it’s not designed to, but I was hopeful). I’d like to try a Sony SmartBand Talk next as a very light weight wearable for notifications and the occasional quick call, but my current phone isn’t upgradeable to Android KitKat V4.4+, so my plan is to wait for the Sony Xperia Z4 Compact or Music later this year. I prefer “small in the pocket and big functionality notifications on the wrist.” I don’t even own a tablet. Internet activity is preferred to be done on a large screened laptop or PC. I have never really browsed the internet on any cell phone; all their screens are too small for me unless it is an emergency and even if you “go big screen” it no longer fits in your pocket.

    With all that said I’m going to take a test drive on the Asus Padfone X Mini with KitKat and eventually order a Sony SmartBand Talk to see if it will do notifications with a non-Sony phone. At $150/$160 for this combo at Walmart/Tiger Direct there’s not much financial risk in doing so. To be honest I’m surprised that this type of product isn’t sought after by more users, but I can understand why some carriers might not want this combo in a high-end flagship device that data hogs might abuse.

    Here’s what “I” will get for my money and how “I” plan to use it.

    First, the phone meets my “pocketable” size limits, although right at the high end even with its’ small 4.5” screen. Remember, I use a cell phone for talking and texting, not a life controlling Zombie device.

    Second, I plan to use the tablet mainly in my car for a: navigation system, phone mount and charging device with a 7” screen that I can actually read at an arms-length dash distance. It will compliment my built-in steering wheel controlled Bluetooth hands free system and allow voice control mapping and navigation.

    Finally, I hope to pair the Android KitKat V4.4+ OS with a Sony SmartBand Talk for notifications on my wrist and the occasional short call. But I will save that for another post in the Sony wearable section.

    So what do I get for my $150?
    1) A low to mid range pocketable cell phone.
    2) A 7” tablet for use anywhere at no extra costs.
    3) A 7” screened navigation system for my car.
    4) A sturdy phone mount charging dock for my car.
    5) A variety of talk/text/data plans for up to $45/mo.-UNLIMITED, with no contract and no extra taxes or fees (cheaper plans avaiable).

    It sounds like a real good deal when you look at it like that! Plus I get to test drive wearable’s that only work on the newer Android OS.

    I’ll still be watching for the early March 2015 announcements on the Sony Xperia Z4 line, but this will give me something to play with until they actually hit the market. My Asus Padfone X Mini will arrive in a week. This Honda Element of cell phones should be a fun test drive even if I crash it!

    “Your” mileage may vary…
    01-25-2015 10:16 AM
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    The Padfone arrived and looks/feels good in the hand. Backing is plan black plastic, but both devices have a quality solidness to them. Charged them up together for 8 hours as recommended, then popped the back cover off the phone and put the my AT&T SIM card in per instructions; instead of the supplied new SIM card. Turned it on and went through the initial screens without setting up any accounts.

    For some reason it isn't seeing my SIM card. Turned it off and popped the cover off again. The SIM card doesn't seem to stay all the way in like it should. It doesn't click into place once deep into the slot. It keeps springing back out, so about an 1/8" of the SIM is showing. I don't think it should be sticking out of the slot like that, as I can push it in farther, but it won't stay there.

    Can someone with an Asus Padfone X Mini tell me if the SIM slides all the way in and clicks into place with no SIM card sticking out?

    All my other phones have an exposed tray, not hidden like this one.
    01-31-2015 06:41 AM
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    AT&T customer service left a bad taste in my mouth. No longer a customer.

    Thus, returned this item for a full defective DOA refund (SIM card tray defective), because it only works on their network and they will only provide refurbished. WTF! It's brand new, never activated!! Can't be activated if the SIM card tray doesn't work!!!

    Can't really blame Asus for this unsatisfied no longer AT&T customer.

    Back to waiting for the early March new "FACTORY UNLOCKED ONLY" product announcements. No more branded products for me...
    02-01-2015 10:40 PM

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