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    Hello Fellow Members;

    I am so pleased to have discovered this brilliant forum.I am new to the forum !
    I am English, but have lived in Norway for many years after marrying a Viking!
    I am getting on in years and technology seems to be passing me by at times?

    I am in the process of buying a ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T

    I contacted ASUS Customer service to ask a few questions?prior to purchase? nothing to technical or difficult! but it as being really hard work getting a straight answer to anything, which is very frustrating,as I am sure you will understand, if you have dealt with some Tech Customer service folk.

    I will list my questions and hope you guys can Advice/help & guide me :-

    Question 1:

    is it possible to attach an External DAC/AMP to the Infinity TABLET when travelling? I like the sound/Feedback of the FIIO 17 but this company make several DAC/AMPS,I just wish to make sure it is possible to add a Headphone-DAC/AMP?

    Question 2:
    Is related to Q1: Unless there is another AMP/DAC in the same price range which may offer a major improvement in Sound quality,I would like to use the FIIO E17 at home to; The Infinity will be my main music server [all my music is 24/96 Files] and used 90% of time at home.There is a Dock/Amp for the FIIO 17 The FIIO E9? I just wondered if there was any advantage/sound improvement using this combo as against using the E17 alone?I have read a great deal on the tech spec of these items but am still unsure?I know the E9 is mainly a Head Amp/Dock for difficult to drive headphones,but I think it may offer sound improvement generally? but again no real answers from FIIO this time!!

    Question 3:

    I am planning one last big journey/Trip,and I will be taking the Tablet Infinity with me and if feedback is positive on the above questions,I will use the E17 amp/dac as my portable add on?
    I was looking for a External Battery to take with me which will both recharge the FIIO E17 as well as other gadgets I may take? I thought I had found the ideal Battery/Power in the ANKER Range[multi volt],but to my dissapointment ANKER told me non of there batteries would work with any ASUS items!! the same with other external battery makers like NewTrent,& others I forget the name of now.

    So if someone could put me onto a good Battery & Maker I would be very obliged.I know the Infinity as a good battery duration but it would be good to have the external battery,for the odd occasion I may need to top it up,and of course other gadgets.

    I think that is more than enough to be going on with,for my first post..I thank you all in advance
    and look forward to hearing from some of you
    Regards Steve
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    02-06-2013 05:51 AM

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