1. Jaimy van der Horst's Avatar
    I bought the ASUS TF300 with 16Gb thinking I could install Mb-heaby the apps on my SD cards, just as I can on my Android phone. So with 128Gb of external memory, I should have no memory issues.
    I cannot.
    This has been a big downer -might as well bought an iPad :-(
    (It surprised me actually, as I *can* do this on my Phone

    1. Is that a setting -or is it the ASUS overlay on the Android OS that does not support this?
    2. If it is not supported by ASUS, would rooting the device solve this issue?
    3. I hear that rooting is impossible on the ASUS from firmware & up

    I have Android 4.2.1 running & ASUS firmware
    05-10-2014 04:12 AM

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