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    It is listed under apps/all, but not as /running, and force stop is shaded out. There is no option except to disable, and enable, but no matter which I select, it does not show up on the /sounds menu. That little EQ made all the difference in being able to hear well. I have tried installing alternative EQ apps, only to be told that I must uninstall musicFX..which is not possible. Is there a less than major hack I can do to reactivate it? I even tried the latest version of mfx which only made matters worse. They then both appeared on the menu under /sounds but to click either of them would literally shut the settings menu immediately down. I admit that before I factory reset and wiped data, I had speaker boost on the system as an option, but when I went to install backed up data and information, I chose not to install that one as well as some other unrelated apps...

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