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    So I just bought a keyboard at Best Buy. It says it's TF700T-DOCK-GR, model # is TF700/TF201, PAD DOCK M/29/US. It also says on the box that it's compatible with TF700 series/TF201.
    On the users manual, however, it says "EE Pad Transformer Prime". There were other boxes at Best Buy that were labeled differently.............something like "AO-d: or similar. The boxes looked identical other than for the bar code label. SKU was the same. Do I have a "real" 700 dock, or a repurposed "Prime" dock???

    I've read online that when the dock is attached and you go to the 'settings>about tablet' and look at the dock type ID, if the last part is "207" then it's the 'genuine' 700 keyboard and dock, and that's what mine says. The other one ends in '206'.
    11-26-2012 04:18 PM

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