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    Hi all Im debating which asus tablet to buy for my needs- {The 300 vs 700 {32 gbs} Please bear with me as Ive never used anything android even a phone} dont laugh i will {LOl} i have a prepaid trackphone.} I want to surf the web fast,{going from page to page reading on all different sites} {can u read books from local library with ur library card thru the google play store? } Play all kinds of games,{ can 300 or 700 play all the games in the google play store? Also does this tablet have the kindle app or nook app? if so does that mean u can use all thier apps on this tablet? Also want to be able to listen to my own cd's{like somehow ripping them to the tablet as some songs{70-80 rock} you cant find buy in google store . Also will use webcam and friends laptop webcam and Video chat I believe- Ive been reading about how the asus tablets are so slow, and many problems. But with what u all know Majority of you seem to lean towards having this tablet. But I cant decide between the 2. Also Is the extra $ worth it to get the 700. Like 1.2 to 1.6 ghz a big difference?} also is any other differense to justify the extra $ for the 700? Im gettting the accidental warrenty so if something happens I can deal with the store then dealing with asus Also I wont do rooting etc in case of problem& that voids warrenty. Im sorry if this is long but as i said Ive never owned anything andriod. Ty in advance for all ur help!!!
    01-02-2013 05:51 PM
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    I can answer some of these questions for you, but in the end, which one is best for you is your choice. Yes you can read ebooks, there are many ebook reader apps available. The TF700 comes with a google books reader and Amazon kindle ap preinstalled. If you use your pc to rip your cds into mp3 format they can be transferred to your tablet and played. You may also be interested in 7digital (app or website) they have lots of classic rock music for sale. You can read and listen to music on either tablet. I have used Skype with no issue. I enjoy playing games on my tf700, I have never used a 300 so no idea how they compare.
    Basically I have this opinion, no matter what tech device you purchase, something better and shinier will come along very shortly. I think it is wise to chose the best specs for your budget. If your budget affords you to get the 700, you may want to go that route. Google the specs for both, read reviews, and make the most logical decision. The basic functionality is the same, but the overall experience will be affected by the upgraded hardware.
    Remember that tabets are not PCs or laptops. They will not perform as such. Hopefully some one who has used both can chime in here, or, I know this has been debated here before, search the forums, you will find many a thread on this topic.
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    01-02-2013 07:51 PM
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    I have not owned the 300, so I can't say anything about performance differences. But for me it took just one look at the screens of the 300 versus the 700 at BestBuy to decide that it is worth the extra money for the 700. The screen is gorgeous! And if you plan to use the tablet at all outside, the IPS+ mode is wonderful.
    Many of the apps and games in the play store have not been optimized for tablets and I doubt that you find any tablet that will handle ALL games equally well. That said, I have not encountered a quality app yet that the 700 doesn't handle well.

    Browsing is sufficiently fast on both the stock and Chrome browsers which I use. The widely discussed I/O issues of the 700 make this maybe it's the weakest point, but it's nothing that would make me regret buying this beautiful piece of technology. Some people report better results with Firefox, Dolphin or one of the other browsers, but the lag I sometime experience doesn't even bother me enough to give those a try.

    This being your first Android device, you'll definitely need some time to discover the mix of apps and the setup that works for you, but boy - these machines are versatile!
    I can only recommend that you explore this forum and others for the TF700, it's amazing what you can learn and the ideas you get for uses and setups that you would never have thought about!

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    01-05-2013 07:42 PM
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    If you can afford the 700, I would recommend it. What may help you with the little details is to go to the ASUS website and search the support section, and then download the PDF user manuals. I find that reading the user manuals for things like tablets, TVs, cameras etc. gives me a lot of information about exactly what I can and cannot do, and so forth. I have no issues with I/O. My only (minor) complaint is that I wish the audio could be louder when I want it.
    01-09-2013 06:10 AM
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    I have the TF300T, and I feel its one and the same. Except for price difference and hard button layout, it feels the same. I got the chance to mess with one at Office Depot, and the TF700T does have flash, which I wish the TF300T had, but oh well, I'm still happy. The only annoying thing about either tablet is "bugmailer.sh" which is located in /system/bin for you modders. What it all comes down to: your budget and your preference.

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    01-18-2013 05:18 AM
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    I'd personally buy the TF300T based on the parameters provided. Regardless which one you buy, I'd recommend buying a keyboard dock. (Make sure you get the correct dock for whatever tablet you buy; the docks for the Transformer Pad 300 and Transformer Pad Infinity 700 are not compatible with other type of tablet.)

    Incidentally, with the compact discs I recommend downloading the songs to a PC and then uploading those digital files to Google Play Music.
    01-19-2013 01:57 PM
  7. OperationA7X's Avatar
    Yes. Besides, the keyboard dock is only $50 at Best Buy, that's how I got mine. Also, you can now hook up a wired game controller for emulators. Pic related.

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    Attached Thumbnails which one 300 vs 700 best for my needs? & is extra $ for 700 worh it- Noobie to all android-uploadfromtaptalk1358626424742.jpg  
    01-19-2013 03:15 PM

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