1. DRock530's Avatar
    I can't really remember when these problems started (before JB or after), but I have a few.

    The one I hate the most is sometimes when I load a web page (in ANY browser) it will load 3/4 of the way or so and then freeze for up to 10 seconds. Then once it snaps out of it the "Browser not responding" window pops up. I click "Wait" and it's finally ready to go.

    For the other problems, typing is very slow sometimes... doing google searches etc. and i'm even noticing it when typing this.

    Also mp3s will stutter on occasion, even when wifi is turned off and all programs are closed. When I play .wav files (my bands album) it stutters sometimes every 15 seconds.

    I have done cold boots and more recently a data wipe. Anyone else with these problems? Any Ideas?
    01-08-2013 07:36 AM
  2. pmt1209's Avatar
    Are you rooted?? I have to say CleanROM 3.1 has completely transformed (no pun intended lol) my TF700 into a totally different tablet.. ESPECIALLY browsing, the default Browser is back to being my default choice just because it is running faster and smoother then either Firefox, Chrome or Dolphin.. The ROM has Browser2Ram built in plus kernel choices from stock to custom 1.8.. Internet browsing now is the fastest I've ever experienced with a tablet, phone or computer.
    I used to get that dreaded "Wait or close" message with Firefox and occasionally with Chrome, Honestly haven't used those browsers since updating to CleanROM 3.1, stock browser is really that fast and scrolling down pages is lag-less..
    01-09-2013 10:14 AM
  3. DRock530's Avatar
    Haven't rooted yet. I am seding it in for an RMA. If I get it back and the problem persists I will be going with CleanROM or CM10 stable.
    01-10-2013 11:52 AM

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