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    The so called Gorilla glass on my pad cracked about 2/3 of the way across the tablet when in landscape mode. It's touch responsive on the left side but nothing on the right which is where the menu I need (I think) appears. Before returning to ASUS I need to wipe it clean after transferring certain files to the installed sd card. Problem is I can't access the settings menu on the unresponsive side and turning the tablet doesn't change the position of the menu I need to access. I also have the keyboard dock. Does anyone know of a way to get the menu position to change or possibly use the keyboard dock to transfer the files I need to the sd card. I haven't had the tablet very long and am not proficient at using it. Also pretty pissed off at ASUS who will charge me $265 (approx) to repair. The tablet was not dropped nor was anything place on it. Took it out of protective case and screen was cracked. NOT covered by warranty. Thanks
    10-02-2013 07:59 PM
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    What a bummer! Never heard of the Gorilla glass breaking like that...

    You can access Settings from the dock.
    It's the key right above the 8 with the gear icon and then you can use the trackpad to select and activate items.
    If the trackpad is not active, that's the 4th button from the left in the top row.

    Also, you should be able to connect the tablet to your PC via USB cord and copy/move files to/from the tablet in MTP. It's agonizingly slow for large files, but you don't need the touch interface on your tablet. Your tablet should just show up in Windows Explorer as an external storage device - or maybe a media device, depending on your Windows version. XP does not support MTP unfortunately, I believe you have to install Media Player 11, but if you have Win7 you should be fine.

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    10-03-2013 12:43 AM

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