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    OK, TF700 fans, here's a good one for you... My TF700 started out locked with the stock ROM. When I set it up the first time (about a year ago), I used MY Gmail account, and everything was fine (with the OS, anyway). I recently did a factory reset and instead of using my Gmail account to set it up, I wanted to give the tablet to my wife...so I used her Gmail account. During the initial configuration after the reset, I used my wife's Gmail account, signed in, and everything on the home screen looked correct. I went into the Play store to do the expected updates to the pre-installed apps, and...it was empty in the "installed apps" list. Nothing there...not even the apps that were built-in. After refreshing and restarting a few times, I still had nothing. It appeared that I could not update any apps... Here's where the story gets interesting.

    I factory reset again and this time, used my Gmail account, figuring there was something odd with linking to her account. In the set-up, I entered my Gmail address and password and got a prompt to use the web to log in. I logged in on the web, got sent a login code to my cell, entered the code on the tablet, and ultimately landed on a Google page that talked about my account settings. There was no apparent way out of that screen... I adjusted account settings and looked for over an hour for a way to continue the setup...nothing. If I used the Back key, I was returned to the setup page where I was prompted to put in my email address and password, which took me to the page to enter my password again, and it sent me a new code to my cell, and ... loop. (Looking back, I probably should have gone to my PC, logged in, and disabled the 2-factor authentication...but I didn't.)

    So, I figured I'd just put on a custom ROM. I unlocked the tablet, downloaded a few different ROMs. Some loaded, some didn't. In the most recent iteration, the ROM loads, and when I sign in with my wife's Gmail account...the Play Store ("installed apps" list) is still empty. When I reset and use MY account, it is ALSO empty!

    Overnight, the "installed apps" list remained empty. The "installed apps" list - which was properly showing the apps on the device - now showed "update" instead of "installed"... So at least it recognizes that it has apps that need updating. Despite the fact that I have "update automatically over WiFi" selected, I am having to manually update each one.

    So, I'm not as stuck as I was when this started, but does anyone have advice on why this sort of delay happens? If I wipe and return to 'factory' (base image condition), is this the way it will always be? Will it always delay several hours before recognizes that it needs updates, and even then, will I need to manually update it?

    Any ideas or opinions on why this works this way are appreciated!
    10-12-2015 12:48 PM

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