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    For a while now my TF700 has been performing very poorly. When I try to wake it with a quick press on the power button, at times it won't wake up at all and I have to long press the power button to reboot it.

    When it wakes up, it will lag for several minutes. Keyboard input and other touch inputs are delayed. The clock on the bottom taskbar will not update for anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. It can get so bad the the device simply locks up and is unusable for several minutes.

    I'm getting continual 'ABC is not responding' messages for both apps, the process system and other things.

    I use CCleaner to try to help clear out unneeded crud and that helps marginally, but only marginally.

    Would a factory reset do anything? Is the device just dying a slow, frustrating and painful death?

    11-09-2015 04:59 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    A factory reset will help. However, I would not recommend using CCleaner again. That, along with other apps that are running in the background, are causing the device to bog down. See if eliminating that will help and let us know.
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    11-09-2015 05:11 PM
  3. RFPhotog's Avatar
    Thanks. Did a factory reset last night. Reinstalled apps. Better, but still not great. Lots of 'not responding' messages again this morning. The Facebook app won't run at all. Same with Flipboard. Don't have CCleaner installed at this point. On the upside, at this stage, it appears the clock isn't lagging.
    11-10-2015 12:44 PM
  4. RFPhotog's Avatar
    Well, effectively the tablet is little improved after the reset. It's marginally quicker, but only marginally. The clock has started lagging again, although 'only' for 2 or 3 minutes vs. the 5-10 previously. Still getting 'not responding' errors regularly.
    11-12-2015 08:24 AM

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