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    Hi everyone!

    Just got here on android central because of this dilemma im having.

    - Im concidering bying the Asus TP TF701, but after watching and reading alot of reviews i meet 2 kinds of reviews on the battery life.

    first ones claims that the battery life holds the 13+ 4 hours more with the dock. (I hope it does!)

    and the other half is saying that the battery only holds up for 4 hours without the dock, and a couple more with it.

    Both of them is just with normal usage, no gaming.

    Thank you! I hope to hear some comments soon
    04-07-2014 03:33 PM
  2. Christian Binder's Avatar
    battery life is something that is very tricky to determine. It all depends on the age of the device, how long the device was used and how frequently the device was recharged. A lithium Ion battery that powers most modern devices can only be charged so many times before it can no longer hold a charge. before buying a used device ask some questions to the seller. How was this device used? If the device was used hard and continuously recharged. then the battery could have a diminished charging capacity. If the device was used lightly, then the charging could be normal. Also insepct the device for any physical damage. A damaged device could have unseen internal damage as well that could affect battery life.
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    04-07-2014 04:22 PM
  3. berndlb's Avatar
    The only real test would be to run a video on loop for as many hours it will last...
    But I can tell you that with normal use, browsing, email etc it last more than a day with both batteries fully charged. And that is with heavy use. It depends so much on settings and usage - every user will have a different experience.
    With the extra dock battery it'll last longer than most if not all other tablets out there.

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    04-07-2014 04:23 PM

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