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    I'd like to thank both Android Central and ASUS for hooking me up with a Zenfone 2. It's been an interesting few weeks and I'd like to discuss the device briefly for anyone who was thinking of picking it up.

    Physical Appearance
    It's big. I'm coming from an HTC One m7 so the size difference took a few days to get used to. This is also my first phone with the volume buttons on the back. While I think that the back buttons are a cool novelty, I personally prefer my phones to have them on the side. The power button on top is as terrible as most of the other reviews have said but the phone has double tap to wake so it's not a problem. The actual design of the device is incredibly nice. I think ASUS hit the nail on the head as it pertains to the shape and feel of the phone. The device I won in this contest came with the flip case which is AMAZING. It's grippy and the circular window is fun to glance at your information through. If anyone is interested in this phone I would say pick up the case. It adds a ton of functionality.

    4gb of RAM, 64gb of ROM. This thing plays and runs everything that I throw at it. Multitasking is phenomenal and there isn't a stutter or a lag to be found! I think that Android needs 3gb+ to really shine and this proves it.

    I'm in love with ZEN UI. This is not an understatement. Coming from a Google Play Edition m7, I thought that I would hate a non-stock-ish experience but I was dead wrong. ZEN UI is fun and fast and it needs to be seen to be believed. Using the ZF2 is pushing me in the direction of buying one of ASUS's tablets. They need to keep up their frequent updates and they will sway people in their direction in no time.

    It won't replace your point and shoot or DSLR but it's a sharp and crisp camera that is sufficient enough for Instagram or Facebook. The addition of built in collage functionality and filters will be a great thing for those social media savvy people who feel the need to edit their photos before posting.

    I get about 4-5 hours of screen on time using LTE and 5-6 hours of screen on time using WiFi. I don't ever measure standby time because when I'm not using my phone...I'm not using it. The QuickCharge feature is now something I can never live without. I get from 0-60 in about 30-40 minutes. That's great. I can't believe how well that works.

    This phone has a perfectly acceptable speaker. It didn't blow me away like the HTC One line of phones did but I don't mind it. I think if they add front firing speakers to next years model I would go out and buy it in an instant.


    If I didn't win the device, I was planning on picking it up to try it out anyway. I've never owned an ASUS phone before but the pricing on this device was what had sold it for me. Do I think the model I won is worth the $300 that they are charging for it? Yes. I think that if in a few months they have a temporary sale where they charge $250, they will have an even harder time keeping it in stock. HARD TIMES! (Dusty).

    Next year... front firing speakers and if you insist on keeping the volume buttons on the back, add the power button there too! That's all it would take to bring the grade up to a 9ish/10.
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    06-15-2015 10:12 PM
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    Overall, I am inclined to agree about a good phone for the price point.
    06-15-2015 11:37 PM
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    Hey guys, u think that the phone is pretty big and isn't easy to hold. I am planning to get my hands on this phone but afraid that it'll be too big for me as I am nt use to using big phones as I am coming frm a Lumia 520......
    06-16-2015 02:19 AM
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    Hey guys, u think that the phone is pretty big and isn't easy to hold. I am planning to get my hands on this phone but afraid that it'll be too big for me as I am nt use to using big phones as I am coming frm a Lumia 520......
    It's not too big to me but I'm used to a Note 3. I don't think it's hard to hold except if you want to press one of the hardware buttons. If you're coming from a smaller phone, it may take some getting used to. Whether it's too big for your liking is subjective though and you really have to find out for yourself. You could go to a store and find a phone with similar dimensions and see what you think. You're really going to have to use it though to see if it's going to matter to you in the long run.
    06-16-2015 02:54 AM
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    Agree with the zen UI. I have owned all the Nexus devices since the S (except galaxy nexus) so I am very familiar with stock android over the years and I think the Zen UI is well thought out and useful. As stock android evolves slowly, I like the fact these OEM's are pushing features that will evenually make it to stock android.

    Posted via my Galaxy S6!
    06-16-2015 08:42 AM

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