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    Seller-rooted ZF2, (Z00ADB [ZE551ML] w/CN flashed to WW). Can't set Google account.

    Hi folks,. I just waited an agonising 4 weeks for my new (attempt #2), ZF2 to arrive and the douchbag seller, (ilastore-eu on Amazon.co.uk), has sent me a CN firmware model flashed with WW. I can't set up my Google account.

    I read somewhere that flashing a CN model to WW causes a failure in the Google play services, (if I recall correctly). How to fix it though is not a prospect I'm very keen on following besides getting a different phone, (aka, attempt number 3,.. 1st seller on Ebay sold me a CN model ZF2 DESPITE their advert saying it was WW,.. 2nd seller, (this phone), is also a CN model but as I explained, it's been flashed to WW).

    If I go to: Settings> Accounts> Add Account> and then Google> I select that and I get the: "Couldn't sign in" message. Wi-Fi is set up properly on my cable-modem/router, Wi-Fi is on in the ZF2,.. The SD Card is in, (was in my old phone, would it need to be formatted? The files on it appear to have been recognised by the new phone aye ok) and my sim-card is also in.

    Still, the "Couldn't sign in - There was a problem communicating with Google servers", error occurs. I can't setup Chrome either for the same problem.

    I'm familiar with Google not being allowed in China, and this particular phone had the CN firmware originally before the seller flashed/rooted it with WW.

    Either way, I have NO idea what I need to do apart from go without a phone for another x# of days while I faff about returning this one.

    Any suggestions or facts/tips/advice etc please to get me Google Play and the necessary accounts on this phone? I am VERY keen to be able to do OTA updates, so, yes, this is important to me.

    P.s If I means anything, I am not financially well-off enough to afford another phone in the mean-time, nor do I have inclination to POTENTIALLY waste money by bricking this phone with a root attempt - it's WAY above my capabilities, (I know, I bricked my old Star Note 9770 phone, lol).

    I don't have a camera to take a shot of the packaging labels and software information etc,. so,. here's all I can type out to show you:

    The Packaging Labels:
    Inc' lots of Chinese script.

    ZE551ML, RED, LTE, D
    INTEL MRF Z3560 (1.8Ghz), 2G, 16Gb EMMC
    ANDROID CN, 5.5" 5M/13M, N/A

    The Phone's Software Info:

    Baseband Version

    Kernel version
    jenkins@localserver #1
    Fri May 15 16:07:23 CST 2015

    Build number
    11-20-2015 03:57 AM
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    Problem solved: Rebooted my router/modem. lol. ***k. My bad.
    11-20-2015 01:51 PM

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