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    Well, after having my zs10 for 6 months, I have mixed feelings about it. I purchased after my galaxy note 8 permanently froze after 3 years of very heavy use.
    So after reading a few reviews on different tablets, I decided to try the zs10. After all, it had 4 gb ram, a good size battery and priced right. I am very disappointed with the device, however, as even with 4 gigs of ram, it can get bogged down quite a bit. And I'm not gaming either. Just surfing the net. I find that the mediatech chip is no competitor to the snapdragons as I need to reboot the tablet every couple of days. I was having a sync issue between my 3 android devices where on my to-do app, for some reason would add hundreds of the same to-do item to all my devices. What I found, was that when installed on my zs10, the minute set I up the sync, it went crazy and, of course, added these to-do items to all my other devices. So the only option was to disable the sync on my tablet. I guess you get what you pay for. Since I'm not using this for work, and only at home, I'll put up with it for now. But when a new tablet is due, I'll go back to Samsung.
    09-30-2017 09:27 AM

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