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    Can anyone please explain how to make and receive a call on a watch with a speaker? I tried initiating a call on my ZW2 and it went to the phone. I then tried answering an incoming call on the watch and it also went to the phone. Is there a way to make it go through the watch (only if initiated by the watch)?

    Yes, I do have Marshmallow on my ZW2. Yes, this is the model with the speaker.


    Found the answer:

    Go to the app listings and find "Phone" and turn on Bluetooth.

    Q: Using the watch to make/receive calls (w/Marshmallow update)-march-9-2016-124158-pm-est.png
    03-09-2016 11:25 AM
  2. Easton091's Avatar
    Wish I would just get the update

    Posted via the Android Central App
    03-09-2016 02:26 PM
  3. Blau118's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip!
    03-09-2016 08:51 PM
  4. barotropic's Avatar
    I just tried a phone call on the watch, and it worked surprisingly well. Of course, only for a short conversation, in a quiet room. But I think it could be handy.

    And, for those of you old enough to relate, I felt like I was in a **** Tracey cartoon strip.

    ( edit - the robo censor replaced the short version of Richard with ****!)

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    03-10-2016 11:45 AM

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