1. Legellan's Avatar
    I'm interested in everyone's long term thoughts on this watch.

    How's it holding up? How long have you had your ZW2?

    I know this watch is getting on as it's about a year old but is it still worth purchasing? I know a new version of Android Wear is coming that will breathe some life into it I'm sure.

    Thanks for your input.

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    07-01-2016 11:53 PM
  2. smhism's Avatar
    I've had mine since October of last year. I'll say this first: I probably don't take full advantage of my watch's features, but I still love it; I feel lost when I forget to put it on, and have, on the few occasions that has happened, turned around and gone back for it.
    I use it mostly for:
    -Smartlock device for my phone
    -Music controls (google play music)
    -Telling time (I rarely change the watch face. If I do, it's usually between a classic chronograph style, and a star trek theme)
    -Putting my phone in do not disturb mode
    -Setting timers at work
    -Replying to texts while driving (via voice response) <--- do this very rarely as 1. it's still distracting and 2. it doesn't always work well
    -Finding my phone in the house when I forget where I left it (happens at least once ever couple of days)
    -Quick glance of notifications to see if I need to respond ASAP or can wait until I actually have spare time.

    As far as the longevity of it, it's still getting current updates, and already has speaker support that other watches that came out around the same time do not. It doesn't really do any biometrics (heart rate, etc) like others do, and the step count seems iffy at best like most others.

    All that being said, it was the cheapest available android wear watch when I got it (and might still be?) at $149. I've been very happy with it, and still get a lot of compliments on it. I'd buy it again, but I'd also check to see if a new gen is coming out soon.
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    07-02-2016 10:16 AM
  3. dabombcra's Avatar
    I use all of the same features as smhism mentioned plus I use the health apps too. This was will get the next update 2.0 which I am looking forward to.
    I have had my watch for several months and it is great. It will last for two solid days and charges quickly.
    My only complaint is the speaker should be of better quality. Samsung did a good job with their speakers in the watches. I wear mine on the left hand and have the volume maxed out. If I'm not in quiet place, I can't hear the caller with out bending my wrist. Even then it is hard to hear with a little background noise.

    I am totally happy with the watch and have no regrets with the purchase. It has so much flexibility with Android apps.
    07-04-2016 12:13 AM
  4. Penguwin's Avatar
    As others mentioned, no regrets on purchasing this one! One of the best AW watches for the price (if buying new, of course) IMO.

    I usually alternate between the ZW2 and my Urbane as daily wear watches.
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    07-04-2016 04:09 PM
  5. Legellan's Avatar
    Thanks for the input everyone
    07-08-2016 04:05 PM

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