1. wynand32's Avatar
    So, I've decided to pick up a ZenWatch 3 as soon as it's available. Not 100% excited about the gold band on the inside of the bezel, but I think I can live with it. Had a Microsoft Band 2 that I loved, but then it died and of course Microsoft is out of that game for now, so I gave a Samsung Gear Fit 2 a try. Nice, but limited, and won't work with the iPhone 6 I carry around with me at times.

    Seems like the ZenWatch 3 should be a relatively low-cost way of getting into Android Wear with a new device. Anybody else planning to pick one up?
    10-29-2016 12:56 PM
  2. GC736's Avatar
    Just waiting for them to release it. Have cold hard cash laid aside to pick it up.
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    10-31-2016 01:03 PM
  3. hansstrik's Avatar
    In the past I bought a samsung watch gear and gear S but I wanted to experience android wear as well so I bought a second hand Zen watch 2.

    The watch is great and android wear is a smooth working os and I can't wait till the Anroid wear v2.0 is coming out.

    This weekend I bought a Nixon smart watch (the mission), it is a very rugged smartwatch which can go under water for 100 mtr. and with special apps when you surf or snowboard.

    The watch is a sport smart watch with a price I find a little expensive myself in the us the watch cost 429 dollar but in Europe the price is the same, 429 euro is in Europe you buy almost 70 euro's more without having anything extra.

    You can choose out of different colours for the bezel and band but that again it cost almost 70 euro more.

    All in all I'm happy with the watch but it the watch is worth it value.... I'm not sure yet.
    11-01-2016 07:29 AM

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