1. kodos's Avatar
    I had originally went to BestBuy and bought a Moto360 since they were on sale, and I had just gotten my first Android phone (S6 Edge). I used it for about a half a day and decided it wasn't for me. The display was a bit disappointing, and the speed of the device was a bit slow even with the last SW update. I could tell that battery life would be an issue, and the functionality to turn on the watch face was a bit flaky. The watch would come on all the time when I was driving, which meant my battery life was probably going to be really dismal.

    It also just felt a bit bulky on my wrist and made me feel a bit self-conscious. I got the black steel thinking it would be more low key, but actually it looked cheaper than the stainless steel finish IMO. The display also felt too low-grade, like a cheap LCD screen - the depth wasn't there to the watch faces I installed. Nothing like my S6's screen for instance.

    But I loved the wireless charging (and only takes an hour!), and it was very useful last night as an alarm clock. But those are not reasons to keep a smartwatch on your wrist, so I ended up returning it for the ZenWatch which is charging right now.

    The quality of the Zenwatch is head and shoulders above the Moto 360. The display in particular, just looks quality. The watchfaces seem to work better too - I had a bunch of Watch Faces I wanted to use on my Moto 360, but they ended up getting clipped off the bottom of the display since it isn't fully round. Oh well.

    So far it seems a lot snappier too. Looking forward to it. It looks great on my wrist and I love the colors on the display. Nice and bright too. But it takes 3 hours to charge which does stink - but it does sound like it can get through a day of use pretty easily.
    04-15-2015 03:03 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Nice. Let's see some pics!
    04-16-2015 11:36 PM
  3. Bgrngod's Avatar
    I've been going about 2 days between charges pretty regularly, but I'll probably just get in the habit of charging it every night when I put it down next to my keys/wallet spot. I have to run a power cable behind some stuff for that to happen, so I've been dragging my feet on it. I can't imagine I could ever do enough with this phone in one day to kill the battery, so that's good. I do wish the charging dock was a little more convenient though. You have to fiddle with it a little bit to snap it on. Drop and go would be ideal.

    I've been using the voice dictation to text messages a TON with it. Probably my favorite feature so far since I've been struggling recently with predictive text being complete ****. I'm not sure what might have happened in the last 6 months, but I swear I used to be a great phone typer and now I suck at it. Using voice to text is friggin amazing because I can send a text to my wife with one simple tap on the watch face and the correct phrasing right after. No need to select send or anything since it does that automatically after a few seconds.

    The Google Now cards have been a bit of a PITA, but I think I might have that figured out. I'll find out tomorrow when the playoffs start since I might or might not get flooded with cards for all the games. I've also been checking my heartrate at random times on a daily basis. I have no idea why I keep doing that though
    04-17-2015 12:10 PM
  4. bbtkd's Avatar
    You can get up to 4 days on a charge by disabling always on, disabling tilt to turn on, by not having brightness all the way up, by not having a "busy" watchface with lots of animations, and by disabling unwanted notifications. I always get at least 3 days, and got 4 once.
    04-19-2015 08:29 PM

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