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    My friends Motorola Atrix 4G is having issues. Apparently, she downloaded a virus or something of that sort. It's preventing her from doing anything, she can't even wipe the user data.

    I'm a Nexus user, and a Samsung buyer so I never done anything with a Motorola product. Is it possible to use ODIN? How can I walk her through installing CWM?

    All the links on the top of the page link to the wrong forum for some reason?
    02-01-2012 01:54 AM
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    She downloaded a virus to pc or phone? Can she get to "recovery" on phone?

    Power phone off. (If power button doesn't work, pull battery will do the trick...)

    Then, I found this to recover:

    Once off, press & hold BOTH the volume down button and the power button, until "fastboot" text appears.

    Use volume down button to scroll to "Android Recovery". Volume up button will select highlighted option.
    She should now see Android triangle w/exclamation.

    Tap bottom right hand corner of screen, above search key to get to main menu of system recovery.

    Volume buttons to scroll. Scroll and select "wipe data/factory reset".

    Press "ok" in lower left hand corner.
    If this works, it will reset everything but sd card....

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    02-01-2012 02:17 AM
  3. mack's Avatar
    Haha she said that doesn't work.. it sounds like the Rom itself is corrupt? there a Odin method?
    02-01-2012 04:37 PM
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    No one knows??

    I ask because all the links in your stickies point to the wrong place (Fascinate section?) I wouldn't expect this from a ADMINISTRATOR!
    02-04-2012 09:47 PM