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    Hello guys!

    Today I am here to review the YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball. I was contacted and asked if I would like to do a review, so of course I said yes, because reviews are what I love to do!

    At first I was sceptical of this product, mainly because I had never heard of the company and the price of this Wireless Speaker is only £21.99 on Amazon UK, meaning it made me think that this speaker was going to be pretty bad. Eg : Bad sound quality, really quite, very cheap feeling etc. However, now that I actually have it in hand, it is almost the complete opposite!

    The packaging this speaker arrived in was ok, nothing amazing. The plastic on the front was a bit dented in and just added to my feeling that this speaker wasn't going to be the best.
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-1ycrtez.jpg
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-dizuejq.jpg
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-h8oqnw1.jpg
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-miskp45.jpg

    However, when I took it out the box I have to say I was surprised. It is fully plastic, not metal like its counterparts from brands like JBL or Bose, but this is only £21.99 remember. The build quality is actually top notch and feels very sturdy (I have already dropped it like careless me and there isn't a dent to be seen!). The setup process is pretty easy, just flip the ball upside down and there is a port where you can put in a micro USB, a TF card and the power switch to turn it on and off. When you turn it on, you are greeted with a voice that has a Chinese accent but is speaking English so you can understand it. Just turn on the bluetooth on your phone and connect to 'Color Ball'. Once connected the voice says that the bluetooth connection has been successful.

    I have personally tested this speaker with a range of songs, such as Tsunami, Animals, No Copyright Sounds (Tobu), Galantis, Adele etc to test how the speakers handle all the different types of genres of music. It handled them really well and to my surprise, was nearly crystal clear in sound! There are two speakers, one on either side of the device. The speakers gets really loud which was a massive shock to me, so loud that I was literally forced to turn it down. It handles bass very well, which I didn't expect seeing as this thing is only £21.99 !

    The speaker comes with a remote, with which you can turn the speaker on and off, change from bluetooth to aux, change the volume levels, skip/pause songs, change the brightness of the LED in the speaker, change how fast the light goes or stall it on a certain colour and you can change it so that the LED goes in time with the music, which is my personal favourite of all of them. The colours for the LED seem to be Red, Orange, Blue, Light blue, Yellow, Purple and Green which make for a really cool effect when it is changing. The light looks kind of glittery, but that must be due to the material that is under the plastic. Either way it is an awesome effect!

    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-dku6zkx.jpg

    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-athkm7o.jpg
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-juhvjro.jpg
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-jenar6h.jpg
    REVIEW : YCCTeam Wireless Speaker, Portable LED Color Ball-0gpx2ar.jpg

    I can't but not recommend this speaker enough to anybody who is searching for a cheap, yet good speaker. Sure its not going to be as good as a £80 speaker, but its good enough for my needs and it gets loud enough and is clear enough for them aswell, which is very very good for the price.

    Link to speaker : https://www.amazon.co.uk/YCCTEAM-Wi....cUvbUpU5342326

    Hope you enjoyed the review! Feel free to leave any comments if you have any questions/feedback!
    08-18-2016 03:33 PM
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    Thanks for the review! Moved to the Audio & Video forum.
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    08-19-2016 03:05 AM

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