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    Verizon Note 9. Trying to do video calls and it makes call to other person shows face and then goes to voice only. Says recipient wants to stay on voice only. Tells recipient that I refused video. History- HD call and video enabled. Installed Google Duo and if I use the Duo app directly it makes the call, but Duo will not set as the default app to make video call from contacts list. Also forces others to install the Google Duo. Using default Samsung contact list, had google contact list installed-didn't make a difference. Others on S9+, Note 8, S7edge can all make the calls and do NOT have the Verizon Duo app installed. I reset to factory and still it will not work. Tried in safe mode-no go. VZ techs removed the access on my account and added it back- still not working. I did not try to use the video calling directly after my factory reset before adding all my apps back on but I figured safe mode test ruled out it being an app issue. Any suggestions would be welcomed!
    04-16-2019 07:14 AM

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