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    Hello everyone. I’ve got a hizpo head unit running Android 7.1.2. A friend of mine give it to me a few weeks back. The only problem it has is an inverted screen. I posted in another lounge and someone there told me how to get to developer options but when I go thru the step to get there pressing the 7 times there’s no menu for it. I’m pretty new to Android and don’t know what I’m doing basically so I’m wondering what else I can do to flip this screen around like it’s supposed to be?
    Attached Thumbnails Hizpo headunit with inverted screen-70e9ed07-2f84-4f89-a0d4-c3f74f379331.jpg  
    10-29-2018 12:40 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Hi -- sorry, just to prevent parallel discussions from occurring, I'm going to link your other thread about this issue, and close this thread. Thanks!

    10-29-2018 07:12 AM

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