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  1. Live2ride883's Avatar
    My first car was a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback. It was as close to a basket case as can be when we had it brought home on a flatbed. I paid less than 1200 for it and over the next 2 years my dad and I restored it from the ground up. I worked 2 jobs during the school year and picked up additional work during the summer, just about every dime I earned went to that car in one way or another but by the start of my junior year bin high school it was a thing of beauty.
    02-26-2013 11:39 AM
  2. poweredge99's Avatar
    Mine was a 1971 Datsun 240z. White with ground effrcts , straight six with 3 weber carbs. Awesome, so many memories. Loved that car.

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    03-09-2013 08:57 PM
  3. VW Maverick's Avatar
    A 1979 Volkswagen Dasher wagon (The Passat in Europe) fell to me when I came of age. It therefore became my responsibility to keep it running.
    It started me on a path, which I am still on, in which I have never owned anything other than a VW. Hence my screen name.
    Dasher - 79 Scirocco - 86 Scirocco - 85 Cabriolet - 92 Jetta.


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    03-09-2013 09:08 PM
  4. Jennifer Stough's Avatar
    Lol Im the youngun here. I didn't get a car in high school. Pat and Ben where my primary source of transportation. My first car was a '92 Honda civic beater. We bought it from his sister when my husband graduated AIT. He totalled it the day after having it registered. Paid 1000 for it, got 2000 back from insurance. Then we bought a 2006 mercury mariner. The transmission started slipping resulting my husband getting in a wreck and totalling it as well. We now have an 08 Toyota prius and it is the most trust worthy car we ever owned.

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    03-09-2013 09:18 PM
  5. msndrstood's Avatar
    '68 Nova 3 speed manual. Loved that car. It had 60 series tires with chrome rims, Highjacker air shocks, glass pack dual exhaust, Clarion sound system. That was one cool car in its day.

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    03-09-2013 09:35 PM
  6. Live2ride883's Avatar
    '68 Nova 3 speed manual. Loved that car. It had 60 series tires with chrome rims, Highjacker air shocks, glass pack dual exhaust, Clarion sound system. That was one cool car in its day.

    What?! ...I'm msndrstood.
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    It still is...
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    03-10-2013 10:59 PM
  7. gopher500's Avatar
    92 f-350 with a 460 in it, truck made me behave cause I could never afford the gas. Detroit locker in the rear end, 5 speed stick, 4.11 gears.... Wasn't pretty but it was a beast.
    03-10-2013 11:02 PM
  8. androidluvr2's Avatar
    03-10-2013 11:02 PM
  9. anon(136244)'s Avatar
    1995 Mustang I got in 1999 when I turned 16. Then a 2004 Mustang GT in 2004, and then a 2008 Mustang GT in 2010.
    03-11-2013 12:44 AM
  10. Little Darwin's Avatar
    My first car was a 1969 Chrysler New Yorker, and that was in 1976-77.

    It had a bad muffler when I got it, and so I put on a glass pack because it was cheap. The 383 sounded real nice, but the car was so heavy that I spun the tires too easily without getting much forward momentum when I tried to play drag racer.

    I think I've lived in apartments smaller than that car.
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    03-12-2013 09:02 AM
  11. raymaane's Avatar
    1998 Dodge Stratus

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    03-14-2013 11:24 PM
  12. geekymcfly's Avatar
    1991 Cadillac Seville with Chameleon paint & White Wall tires. Man I miss that ride

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    03-22-2013 11:44 PM
  13. AVM4's Avatar
    1988 toyota pick up with the 22r motor... That truck was the reason I only buy toyotas

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    03-23-2013 12:25 AM
  14. epicness4G's Avatar
    First car was a blue 2007 BMW 328i. Still have it now at around 92,000 miles. Saved about 17 grand from 12-16 bagging groceries at publix and doing side ps3 and xbox repairs and then my parents matched the 17k. It's my baby

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    03-23-2013 12:52 AM
  15. TF02's Avatar
    2000 Ford Ranger - still driving it, and it has over 111,000 miles on it. I got my license about 4 years ago. Love this truck.
    03-30-2013 04:27 PM
  16. Cattails_r_Edible's Avatar
    72 ford pinto! A real panty dropper

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    03-30-2013 05:21 PM
  17. richcuffs's Avatar
    My first car was a Green 1997 Hyundai Coupe, 8 years old at the time. 82hp 4cyl with no airbags. But it had a sun roof!

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    03-30-2013 05:33 PM
  18. TF02's Avatar
    '68 Nova 3 speed manual. Loved that car. It had 60 series tires with chrome rims, Highjacker air shocks, glass pack dual exhaust, Clarion sound system. That was one cool car in its day.

    What?! ...I'm msndrstood.
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    That is still one badass car.
    03-30-2013 05:37 PM
  19. jdbii's Avatar
    VW Beetle. Great memories piling in friends and going to the beach.
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    03-30-2013 05:45 PM
  20. GadgetgirL76's Avatar
    My first car was actually a van, 96 dodge caravan. Loved it!!

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    03-30-2013 05:46 PM
  21. Paul627g's Avatar
    86 Ford F-150.

    Inline straight 6 cylinder
    03-30-2013 05:52 PM
  22. Andres8100's Avatar
    My first car was 2002 Toyota Vitz...in white color:
    04-12-2013 10:49 AM
  23. richcuffs's Avatar
    Photos of my first car, 1997 Hyundai Accent, bought it in 2006, i think.

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    04-14-2013 09:51 AM
  24. m3monkey's Avatar
    1973 vw super beetle @ 16. What a fun car. memories!!!!
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    05-14-2013 04:39 PM
  25. planoman's Avatar
    1976 way used Toyota Corolla! I loved that car. In fact I have kept one as a third car my whole life. I currently have 2006 model that just hit 40k miles. I have a bike rack on the back and take it to the mountain biking trails in dfw. My 8 year old son wants me to get a fj cruiser as a third car but I say no way!

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    06-10-2013 09:36 PM
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