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    I just picked up a new Redline Red over Camel CT. Love everything but I am struggling with the tech...I have MAXX and am a 4 yr Android vet. But this enform system has me puzzled in several places..
    How do I control the default city? Its picking one a hundred miles away from me.
    How do I initiate nav via voice? I keep getting a live person....nice but not what I meant to do.
    Why does the car start up with nav screen when I want the home screen?

    Any enform experts out there?

    Thanks in advance....

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    07-21-2014 04:53 PM
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    So its clear my maps app running on my MAXX beats the Lexus nav by a mile for speed accuracy and east of use. "Ok Google Now find XYZ". Vs the many steps needed to get the Lexus system to accept voice. Is there a way to simply dump the phone nav to the Lexus screen and speakers?

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    07-26-2014 09:26 AM
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    Congrats on the new car purchase. I just bought an Optima that was originally giving me similar frustrations. I wound up finding a settings menu that allowed me to begin navigation from previous navigation addresses or just allow me to begin my navigation new every time. You may want to dig around for that specific setting in Settings>>Navigation.

    The other advice I'd give you is to look for a Lexus forum that's specific to your vehicle. I'm willing to bet that there is a ton of information on that site about this and other questions you may have. I know I found an Optima board that's been quite helpful and entertaining at the same time.
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    07-26-2014 05:16 PM

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