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    The device will not boot up. Every 15 seconds, the device vibrates once and the notification light flashes once. Only holding all three buttons stops the vibrate/flash cycle. Holding any other combination of buttons does nothing. Nothing shows up on the screen during the vibrate/flash cycle. My computer also does not recognize the device when I plug it in, whether in its vibrate/flash cycle or after I hold all three buttons. I'm not sure if it's charging, because after pressing all three buttons to stop the vibrate/flash cycle, the notification light doesn't stay illuminated red or green while plugged in. Is there anything that I could check internally if I took the phone apart? Maybe a connection worked itself loose? I would very much appreciate anyone's troubleshooting ideas on this, and thanks for your time.
    03-02-2020 06:56 AM
  2. WheelmanM80's Avatar
    I understand that many things could cause this, but I'd really appreciate some troubleshooting ideas here. I'll be taking the phone apart this weekend to inspect all the connections. I have experience building desktop computers and laptops, but other than that, I won't be able to spot, for example, a gpu or processor that isn't set correctly. Any tips for what else to look for would be extremely helpful.
    03-04-2020 07:03 AM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The first thing to come to mind would be a failed battery. You could try checking the voltage of the battery, or just replacing the battery.
    03-05-2020 12:05 AM
  4. WheelmanM80's Avatar
    I took the phone apart today and I discovered that the screen's connection to the motherboard was disconnected. I reconnected it and it powered on like nothing ever happened!
    Disassembly video, in case anyone else is having the same issue:
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    03-15-2020 04:30 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Wow, good work! Glad you didn't have to do anything more drastic.
    03-15-2020 04:38 PM

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