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    Having an issue on my Nook Color running CM7 (7.0.3 installed to internal memory). The issue just started recently. When accessing the facebook app, when attempting to leave a comment on a friend's post, the screen scrolls up/down with every letter pressed. I've updated the app (had a manual update I hadn't seen) and attempted to use 2 different keyboards (stock & Thumb Keyboard 4) and the problem continues. I know 7.0.3 is not the most recent, but until today I hadn't had any problems with it, and with this being the only issue, I'm hesitant to upgrade. Again this issue only started within the last week or so. Has anyone else seen this and/or have a fix? I searched both androidcentral and xda-developers and was unable to find a solution.

    Thanks in advance!

    11-01-2012 03:42 PM

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