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    I have read almost every thread on the front 2 pages of the nc forum, and still have a couple of questions that are pretty specific on the NC.

    1. Has anyone run both root AND the SD froyo build. Can they compare to running android on a typical phone (I have an evo for reference) I would like to see opinions on speed, smoothness etc between the 3.

    2. I would use the NC mainly for web browsing, video, and reading. Web would be via stock or dolphin, video is via rockplayer and reading via aldiko (NOT NOOK OR KINDLE!!!!! would rather buy kindle and remove DRM!!!)
    Can anyone give opinions on the 3 tasks comparing again between the 3 (root, sd froyo, and android phone)

    3. Batt life. I have seen very little here on batt life on rooted and sd froyo. Can anyone give some typical batt life times for the 3 tasks above. I dont need hours, but would like to be able to watch a movie or a couple of tv shows and still do some surfing, reading and NOT have to be plugged in until the evening. Again as a contrast, I use the EVO for an hour or so of vid, read my news feeds, and read books about another 2-3 hours a day with no issues.
    I figure the batt life SHOULD be able to do that without a recharge...especially if i manage the wifi connection based on location etc.

    4. games. I have played a couple of games on my evo. the 2 that come to mind are Angry birds (enough has been said on that so i should be good) the other is Parallel Kingdoms. It uses GPS for location, so I think that one is OUT. Can anyone confirm or deny if PK works?

    5. Cases. I have NOT investigated this much at all. I have ALWAYS had a case on my phones, and dont mind a little extra bulk for protection. I assume there are invisa shields or similar screen protectors, but what about cases. Do the slip cases that have a nice leather cover etc work OK, or should I look more at a rubber skin case etc. Does the god of all cases, SEIDIO, make a case?
    I will actually research that one shortly, but it does not hurt to ask

    I look at an android tab to fill that space in my daily life where its NOT important enough or I am too lazy to go get the laptop and boot up, but the small screen on the evo (relatively small screen!!) is not big enough to do the task (surf, vid, etc)
    Think sitting on the couch and really wanting to look something up on IMDB about the movie you are watching. Dont want to get out the lappy...but IMDB on the evo is just too cluttered to search quick and easy.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I need to justify to myself the expense of $250 for a toy.
    01-25-2011 09:28 AM
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    cant answer all your questions as i havent used nookie froyo nor do i have an android phone, but the other night i watched two .mp4 movies back to back (each just shy of 2 hours) unplugged, using headphones. went from full battery to still more than half-full. i have used the stock nook reader for 6-8 hours (cumulative over 1-2 days) and still had 1/3 to 1/2 of battery left. these were done with wifi off and screen as dim as possible (movies were watched in an unlit room and screen brightness was no more than 1/4 way from dimmest setting--not sure exactly where). wifi use seems to have the biggest impact on the battery--wifi being left on but not used (ie reading a book) still drains the battery MUCH faster than wifi off. i havent ever needed to have the screen brightness up high for long, so i dont have any impression on how much an effect that has on battery life. from your description, the battery life should meet your needs but you may have to be sure to turn off wifi when not surfing the web (also very easy to do, three taps on the screen and it is off and you are back to what you were doing).

    regarding cases, id say look at them at the store (best buy or b&n have a fairly big selection) when you go in to buy. i have an imitation leather cover for mine--looks good, well made. nook snaps into the back and the front is held shut by a tab with a magnet. when open, front flips around behind back and they hold together with built-in magnets, not just the tab (nice feature). with the case on, it is about 3/4 in thick. i also remember seeing silicone skins and other types of cases at both stores. you can also find some on barnes and nobles nook website to get an idea of what there is.
    01-25-2011 10:44 AM
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    3. I surf, watch a video or two, play a few games of angry birds and spaghetti and marshmellows and I get a full days use out of it. I plug in at night before going to bed.

    Rooted with setcpu and overclocked to 1ghz

    5. B&N has quite a few nice cases. I don't recall the model of mine but it's a basic version. I am looking for a cool sleeve I can use instead though. Etsy has some cool stuff as well.

    I find myself walking around with it everywhere I go.
    01-25-2011 11:32 AM
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    The battery is amazing. Lasts a very long time

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    01-26-2011 05:23 PM