1. Doubleelle's Avatar
    I just bought and rooted my NC using autonooter & the 1.1 preroot. Today I've started getting this strange buzzing sound. It's happening when the NC is asleep and it just starts making this strange buzzing noise. Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a system setting I need to change?
    02-03-2011 12:51 PM
  2. xnewethicx's Avatar
    HONEYCOMB!!! hahaha.... sorry, couldn't resist. Ok, seriously, anyone have any ideas for this guy?
    02-03-2011 02:44 PM
  3. NDchem2014's Avatar
    Is the buzzing coming from the speaker? It could be defective, as sad as it is to say that. I can't think of any system settings that would make it buzz while in sleep mode. What about turning the volume all the way off before putting it into sleep?
    02-03-2011 02:47 PM
  4. h3connie's Avatar
    I too just experienced a strange sound on my NC, although mine sounded more like a "hissing" and it felt as though the speaker holes were actually sucking in air. Also, it was making a kind of "gear moving" noise as if there were moving parts inside that suddenly went into overdrive. This all happened while my Nook was in sleep mode as well. ????

    One more thing, I tried to turn my Nook on to see if there was some kind of error message or something, but it wouldn't let me enter my access code. It's working fine now.
    03-09-2011 04:49 PM
  5. ice_cracker's Avatar
    Iv had 3 androids now and they all made that noise. I'm typing on my newest one and it is making a buzzing/quiet beeping sound.alsoi can hear it when I have ear buds pluged in. If there's a fix (too lazy to read all replies) email me at ice_cracker@gmail.com.
    12-30-2013 02:33 PM
  6. ice_cracker's Avatar
    Ive had 3androids now qnd they all made the same buzzing/quiet beeping sound with or without mute.also i can still hear it with earphones in. Also in sidenote I found that while not stoping, the noise seems to calm down when you turn off wifi.if there's a fix please email me at ice0cracker@gmail.com
    12-30-2013 02:46 PM
  7. Owen Sheridan's Avatar
    HELP! when i signed into my Chromebook i started hearing this weird cricket noise.
    11-09-2015 04:34 PM