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    Okay, so got the Nook Color and running Froyo off the MicroSD card -- FYI: adata's 8GB Class 6 card rates as Class 6 and runs great, although I've heard bad things about their 16GB version. Everything runs great. Installed the Google apps (Market, etc.).

    I noticed that the Twitter client was updating and I (a) can't turn off automatic updates and (b) can't uninstall it. I know it only takes up a measly 1MB of data, but I have absolutely no need for it on my Nook Color. I tweet so infrequently I'm not sure why I've even got it on my phone.

    Still new to rooting, so I imagine I can just go nuke it somewhere, but don't want to muck around without some guidance.

    02-10-2011 08:26 PM
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    Note: there are some other apps "installed" but taking up 0.00 MB in the App list I can't uninstall either (e.g. Google Voice) and some taking up space that really aren't needed (e.g. Voice Search, not needed because there's no bloody microphone).
    02-10-2011 08:28 PM