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    Hey guys. First, I must say this has been an excellent resource for my new Nook Color (used the $50 off @ eBay). That being said ... here's what I'm seeing.

    I've gotten Nookie Froyo to flash onto the NC twice now. Both times I ended up getting the Nook to where it would not boot (except with CWR). The first time I just got the flashed Nookie Froyo on it, with no Google Apps. The second time I got the Apps on there, installed a few and then the Nook would not boot up.

    Any thoughts on what I may have done wrong, if anything? Or is the flashable version just a bit unstable?

    I'm considering just using auto-rooter for my main boot and then using the SD card version of Nookie Froyo.

    03-06-2011 03:26 PM