1. accordi4's Avatar
    I'm encountering a problem with adfree and the nook color. I see others have it installed and running fine. First time using this app.

    I have downloaded adfree and when i try and download and install hosts by clicking the button it gives me an error stating" unable to locate a partition to remount to write the host files to"

    Anybody know whats wrong and how to solve?
    04-26-2011 02:58 PM
  2. Rd99's Avatar
    In case you are still wondering, i only tried to install today, during my first couple of tries it failed but happened in the 3rd try

    What i did was, before clicking on the download & install host option, i granted this app root permission, i guess you have to grant root permission manually to certain apps, hope this helps
    02-12-2016 03:49 AM