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    So I was looking at my nook wondering what else I could do with that beautiful 1920x1200 screen and ran across this program:

    BARNES & NOBLE | iDisplay by Shape

    I had some credits in the Nook store so figured I'd take a gamble on the 1 star rated app (big gamble, but I noticed reviews were from mid 2012 and the latest app updated was January 2013).

    Needless to say the gamble paid off! It works marvelously giving my Mac Book Pro (mid-2010 model) a second 1920x1176 display (some is reserved for the nook nav bar at the bottom). Not great for long reading, but if you need a second display for reference materials or something you are just glancing over to and can bump up the font it's great. Also good for viewing images and such if they are highres.

    There is definetly some delay and lag (WiFi is never going to be as fast as the PCIe bus, ever) but overall very usable. So not great for video watching.

    Pros: Quick setup, extra 1920x1176 screen space to play with, convient, and relatively cheap for a second monitor.
    Cons: Stutter/Lag in motion, Mouse cursor targetting a hair below actual cursor point.

    One other issue and this only affect Mac Book Pro of the mid-2010 variants (my luck) is that the iDisplay driver for Mac OS Lion messes with the screen savers ability to detect motion. So the screen saver triggers every however minutes you set it to, but it just flickers as you type then it reset and is gone for another set time period. This affects more than just this app, AirDisplay and serveral other similar programs from other vendors have the same problem. iDisplay is trying to help me find a solution though, so that's cool. It appears to be more an Apple+Graphic Hardware bug than the software vendors.

    Anyways, was very happy with the apps performance, and yes I wrote the 5 star review on B&N site, figured it needed some love.
    03-11-2013 03:36 PM

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