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    I've been on the search for information about other Nook HD+ owners having potential battery issues. Other than a few posts on the Barnes & Noble book club forum, and some youtube videos on how to replace the battery (which, by the way, costs half as much as I spent on my Nook in the first place) there is surprising little.

    Anyone else had battery issues like me? It was fine for months, but now it seems to die very quickly. Just yesterday I plugged it in to charge then took it off the charger when it was at 77%. I played on it for about 15 minutes and then got the "5% warning" and then of course it shut itself down. Do I need a new battery already? I don't think it's a year old yet. Guess I need to find my receipt and take it in.
    08-18-2014 11:07 AM
  2. Tabain's Avatar
    I had the exact same issues. Call tech support, the people in the store will only troubleshoot basic stuff and then tell you to call tech support as well. The number is 1-800-THE-BOOK (843-2665), which they hide away on their website but it's the easiest way to get help.

    They will ask you to do a factory reset on before they help you and then they'll ask if you've tried it with a different charger. They can see on your account if you've done a reset so, so do it 2-3 days before calling and confirm that the issue is still there before contacting them. They'll make you reset and call back days later otherwise. Even if you haven't tried a different charger, just tell them that you did, since it's not charger related. You reset it to factory default by holding down the nook button and Volume Down for 30 seconds.

    As long as the Nook is still in warranty and you have a credit-card on file with Barnes and Nobles, they will ship you out a refurbished tablet of the same model as you have and give you a return label to ship the old one back to them when the replacement arrives. It was very pain-free, quick and good customer service when I did it. Their call center is outsourced to somewhere where English isn't the first language, although they spoke well. Just be sure to speak clearly and calmly to them, as they can't keep up when you rattle off 200 words a second as I am want to do.
    11-14-2014 02:23 PM

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