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    Carried my Nook Tablet home and connected to the net,worked for a week and then i got the message on the nook :issue related to websecurity,reconect to WPA/WPAZ ???
    When i called Nook support they told me to talk to CLEAR Support to switch to the mac address ,done that but Clear told me the dongle does not support multible devises, .... the dongle is connected to the Desktop and with a router i recieve Netflix wireless on tv,and also have net on my laptop and for one week my Tablet worked! What do i need to do to get the tablet going?Please i need some simple instruction!
    Thanks in advance!

    12-08-2011 10:32 PM
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    If I understand you correctly...

    WPA/WPA2 just means that your wireless router is secured with a password. When you set up your router for the first time, you set up a name for the network and a password (sometimes called a key) or you left the ones that it chose automatically.

    Most likely, all you need to do is: on your Nook, go to "settings" then "wireless", select the name of your network, and type in the password again... and make sure that you have the Nook "remember" it.

    If you don't remember your password/key, then you need to look in the manual/website for your router and figure out how to find it or reset it.

    Or there's a chance you could find help on this site if that doesn't work... Configuring various Wi-Fi routers - please, no OT - Barnes & Noble Book Clubs
    12-13-2011 06:42 AM