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    Ok so i'm rewording my question. I have now downloaded a racing game onto the nook tablet and to be quite frank the graphics are abysmal. Can someone tell me if a game like(see link blow) is going to be representative of the best graphics that this machine can put out? I looked at an IPAD racing game and it put this to so much shame its not even funny. What I don't understand is that I thought all in all the specs on the nook were pretty good. I understand that Ipad is the top tablet but from what i'm seeing it like 10yrs difference in graphics quality.

    Can anyone please let me know if this is it for the nook? If it is I'm returning it.

    BARNES & NOBLE | Raging Thunder by Toy Studio LLC
    12-22-2011 01:45 PM
  2. mbaur78's Avatar
    Really, no one can help me with this question? argh, well taking the nook back then.
    12-24-2011 02:32 PM
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    You're complaining about the graphics of a game and that's the sole reason you're returning the nook? What the hell do you want a super computer that runs Crysis 3? It's a tablet for crying out loud, that Racing game is from the B&N Store, the are THOUSANDS of other racing games at the Amazon and Android Marketplace.

    Man, people like you.. I won't even go there. Graphics don't mean anything, have you heard of Minecraft? It's graphics is one of the WORST ( hell it consists of ing 1x1 blocks ), yet the game is still enjoyable and VERY fun to play.

    If you wanted to play high quality/highly detailed graphic game then buy a desktop, otherwise don't complain
    12-25-2011 03:40 PM
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    I think the issue of graphics quality is more about the game software than the tablet hardware, in this case.

    The Nook is primarily an e-reader, with games/videos etc. targeted toward the casual, non-techie. The B&N Market is lousy for games. Angry Birds, Scrabble, that's about all that's good. You get a better selection from the Amazon or Android Market, but you're going to have to root it or play around with it to get those apps on your Nook.

    If you want a basic tablet / e-reader with a few games, and are tech-savvy enough, look into rooting or sideloading the other app stores.

    If you want a basic tablet but are not tech-savvy, pay more for an iPad or high-end Android tablet.

    If your primary goal is games, then try a dedicated gaming system.
    12-29-2011 06:59 AM
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    It did turn out to be the game itself...I ended up having to root it to be sure...I have kept the nook rooted. I already have a gaming pc, i just didn't understand why the graphics quality of the best game i could find in the b&n market was so blatantly sub par compared to even my phone and i wanted to be sure it wasn't the tablet. Having rooted the nook and gained access to the normal android market i found the answer myself. I'm glad I rooted but was nervous doing it and that is why i asked, i didn't want to have to root it for my first time ever just to understand this. but whatever thanks to even the guy that vented needlessly for responding.. I thought it was very simple question.
    01-07-2012 11:40 PM
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    Dead Space and Shadowgun run flawlessly on the Nook Tablet and look simply amazing. You will never question the graphics power of this tablet again...

    01-11-2012 07:17 PM