1. jeffbiz's Avatar
    The demo file included with Isolo does not work either. The words that are underlined are supposed to be links that display other files, or other sections of the document. Click until you die, but nothing happens. All other apps are OK. The regular Android iSolo has issues with Nooks, I understand, but this is the Barnes & Noble version of iSolo. Also, the iSolo menu (at top and bottom of screen) does not work.

    Could not get into the iSolo forum- they have a stupid part of the registration process that makes no sense to me at all, so I cannot proceed. They do not answer my email question, either.

    Is there some way to uninstall and reinstall it again? Anyone else ever see this problem?

    8 GB Nook Tablet. I am not even going to try B&N support- the on line support is totally worthless in my experience. The local store is better, and they mean well, but they are not up to speed on technical issues.
    05-27-2012 03:37 PM