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    Hey all,
    My NT has been great for the most part. However in the last few days, web pages won't load. After turning the tablet off then on again, pages load ok for awhile, then it happens again.

    Also, YouTube vids are now playing in extremely low res. They were playing in HQ originally.

    To top it off, the tablet in general is acting funny. It won't turn on right away, the keyboard retracts for no reason, when you hit one hyperlink, one below it gets selected instead. I could go on.

    Anyone else having these issues? If so, have you fixed them? Could a software update have messed things up?


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    07-09-2012 11:01 AM
  2. peeveskam's Avatar
    Yes!! It has been acting strange for a couple of weeks now and getting worse. It is beyond frustrating and have decided to only use it as an e-reader.

    Sadly, the nook will be replaced by a Nexus 7 when it arrives. The tablet is a great device, but I just need "more".
    07-12-2012 01:29 PM
  3. Redbird1's Avatar
    That's funny, I read your reply and thought I wrote it. I'll be doing the same thing you're planning on doing.

    It's either a Nexus 7 or Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for me.

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    07-12-2012 07:33 PM
  4. rob61's Avatar
    I've had the same behavior, reported it to BN.
    07-17-2012 11:17 AM
  5. lfeuln's Avatar
    I can help with the YouTube videos at least. First, download Dolphin HD and set the user agent to iPad.

    When you click on a video, the spinning circle will show loading but nothing comes. You need to click the HD button which sends it back to SD. At this point it starts loading in the B&N video player. It'll be poor quality, so hit the "n" home button fast. You'll go back to the last page. Hit the HD button again. This time, it loads in best quality HD!

    Sounds cumbersome, but once you get used to it it'll go quick. Hope that helps - it took a while for me to figure it out.
    07-19-2012 07:40 PM
  6. tinal38's Avatar
    Mine did that for a while, I never use the stock browser but I deleted Dolphin browser and reinstalled and it is fine. You may need to clear your memory cache and page history, that type of thing. I use the Androidfornook card now and have no problems at all.

    Good luck!
    08-13-2012 10:37 AM