1. DroidNewbie9's Avatar
    So, as I didn't get any help from B&N forums (from either live chat or the forums themselves), I'm turning to the android general Nook forums.

    Misplaced my Nook back in April. Not stolen per se, but might have been found and kept if I left it somewhere, or buried somewhere in the house inadvertently by me or on purpose by my 3 yr old, not sure. Have tossed the house a few times and traced my steps in the week surrounding when I lost it. I do not have it password locked. I have my CC and email info in it. I have not seen any B&N purchase since the last one I made in Feb. The serial # is still registered in My Nook at B&N.com

    I have been keeping a close eye on all of my electronic transactions (email, purchases). I know the suggestion is to deregister and blacklist it but here's my thought. If I see a book or app bought, I know it was stolen and I'll have closure and blacklist it and deregister it. If I blacklist it and deregister it, I may never know what happened. I have no hope of getting it back if it was stolen but keeping it "live" may allow me to be sure.

    Someone told me that whomever has it may have just wiped it/rooted it in which case my info isn't on it. But here's my question: Does wiping/rooting a NT automatically deregister it from B&N? That is, can it be possible that it's been wiped BUT I still see the serial # on B&N.com? Seems like a simple questing but all I got from B&N chat was "we are happy to unregister it for you." If not, then I may still hold out that I'll find it.

    Related, is there any way to tell if someone is using it but not buying anything? i.e, I thought of checking my google search history, my sent mail, etc. but haven't seen anything fishy.

    08-05-2013 01:36 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Yes, the serial number is still linked to your account, very similar to how your old devices still show up in Google Play when you log in with your Google Account. However, if it was stolen/found and the device was wiped or, simply, another account used for it, then the serial number would ALSO be registered for their account.

    Since they're using a different account with different data, you wouldn't see any activity or purchases in your account because it's no longer in use.

    What you COULD do (however, I'm not sure if B&N can actually provide such information without a warrant) is ask Barnes and Noble to check if the serial number has been activated for another account other than yours.
    08-05-2013 01:54 PM
  3. DroidNewbie9's Avatar
    Great suggestion. Am checking with B&n now. Will update if they can tell me or not.
    08-05-2013 02:24 PM
  4. DroidNewbie9's Avatar
    Bn.com could tell me if there was another account (which there is only 1, mine) but if there were multiples, they couldn't tell me who without warrants). Still pondering the rooted angle or just not registering it again.
    08-05-2013 02:37 PM

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