1. Justin Campbell2's Avatar
    One day over the summer I was taking a pic n then the screen turned yellow. So I took the battery out of my phone because the power button wasn't working I learned a method how to turn on the phone on without the power button but I have to use the charger in that method. Anyways when I turned on the phone the lg logo came up but the screen was still yellow. So I thought the phone needed to charge so I left it on the charger for about 1 hour . When I turned on back the phone the logo came up but the screen was still yellow. So I left the phone for a few days. After a few days past I tried it again the same thing still happen. Today now I took up back the phone and it on the charger the phone came on but I couldn't see anything on the screen but the home button, the back button and the notification button came up n the screen didn't . I need help please I'm desperate
    12-26-2014 01:45 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which LG phone is it? You should probably be posting this in your phone's particular subforum (if available), or the General Help forum (General Help and How To - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com).

    It sounds like a major hardware failure, and not the battery itself. A failing battery wouldn't make the screen go yellow. If the phone is still under warranty, contact LG. Otherwise, you'll either have to bring the phone to a repair shop, or get a new phone.
    12-27-2014 03:46 AM

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