1. JVDang's Avatar
    I have a galaxy s4 and i love it but the battery life is extremely poor. I want to know if i have a defective battery or something along those lines. For example, My battery dropped from 100 percent to about 83 in about 10 minutes after i quickly checked facebook and placed in my pocket. My phone does heat up quite a bit as well, even when i just browse my social media. The phone also charges very slowly and the battery drains faster than i can use it. As i typed this on my laptop, my phone just turned on and sat there, i didnt touch it and it dropped from 40 to 36 percent. Also, my phone screen always stays on when i charge it, how do i stop that? Any suggestions in general on how i can fix this?
    Attached Thumbnails Why is my Galaxy S4's battery so bad?-screenshot_2014-12-28-02-44-27-1-.jpg   Why is my Galaxy S4's battery so bad?-screenshot_2014-12-28-02-44-09-1-.jpg  
    12-28-2014 02:40 AM
  2. Vladimir Manchev1's Avatar
    it's only 2600 mAh. which is pretty bad for a flagship type phone. I strongly suggest getting an aftermarket battery, like the anker 7800 mAh, which is what I am using. Holds on for 4 business days under relatively heavy use.
    12-28-2014 02:54 AM
  3. Vladimir Manchev1's Avatar
    as for part 2 of your answer, just tinker around with the settings, if that doesn't help, restore it to factory and be careful what you tinker with.
    12-28-2014 02:55 AM
  4. JVDang's Avatar
    How did you determine that my phone battery was a 2600 mAh?
    12-28-2014 03:01 AM

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