1. Lucas Gonzalez's Avatar
    Phone is 7 months old And I really only stream videos. Cord and wall adapter haven't made a difference.
    02-16-2015 12:19 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    With the phone turned off? The battery is probably at end of life. (If you regularly let it drain down to 5%-10%, it won't last more than 6 months. 40% is the lowest you should let any lithium battery go.)

    With the phone turned on? Something is running that's using a lot of power, so almost none is left to charge the battery. Use an app like GSam Battery Monitor to find out which app it is and get rid of it, or uninstall it and install it again from the Play Store. (It could have gotten corrupted and now it's what's called a rogue app.)

    If nothing is using a lot of power, but the phone charges normally when it's off, something in the phone could have shorted out. (A shorted capacitor in the power circuit can use most of the power coming from the charger.)
    02-16-2015 12:35 AM

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