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    Hello! I've had problems with my battery and so someone suggested I should try a factory reset. Could you tell me how do you do a factory reset, and will there be loss of data due to it? Could you also tell me what's the Safe Mode, and Cache Partition Wipe? Thanks.
    04-07-2015 05:34 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    Before we go any further with the Factory Reset, which is pretty drastic, could you tell us more about the battery problems you've been having? It may be possible to fix them in simpler ways.

    Safe Mode temporarily disables third-party apps, so that if they have been causing a problem without you realising it, the problem stops. You then have to isolate the app that's responsible - which can take a long time, although some apps may be more obvious candidates than others - and uninstall it. Safe Mode is sometimes a good diagnostic if you're having battery problems. To enter it, long-press Power until you get the Power Off Phone? option; then long-press that, to get the Safe Mode option. After you've finished with Safe Mode, Powering Off and Restarting the phone will return it to normal mode.

    Cache Partition wiping is good practice every so often - say, once a month - and the method varies slightly from one device to another. You'll easily find the right method for your own device online.

    Any problems, get back to us.

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    04-07-2015 06:44 AM

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