1. emdodge30's Avatar
    i charged my moto turbo for about am hour (i didn't use the original cord to charge) and it said it had charged to 100% but after using it for only 5-10 minutes it showed a low battery warning and completely shut itself off.
    04-18-2015 10:21 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    It's a new phone (6 months old), so unless the battery is defective, or it's been abused (like constantly drained down to 0), it should act like that.

    Plug it in and leave it (phone turned off) at least all night. If you still get only a few minutes, charge it for a few hours again, then look at Settings/General/Battery and see what's using most of the battery. That might give us a clue. (Otherwise the battery has to be replaced. Getting that done under warranty might be a hassle, because the battery isn't covered unless it's a manufacturing defect, which is almost impossible to prove.)

    If charging it all night brings it back even a little (a few hours of standby), let it run until it tells you to charge it, then turn it off and charge it overnight again. Repeat 3 times - 3 charges, 3 discharges. If that doesn't bring it back, the battery is gone.

    (Read The Care and Feeding of Lithium Polymer Batteries for more information.)
    04-18-2015 06:07 PM

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