1. Alex_W's Avatar
    Hi all,

    My battery life works as normal until around 30% and then suddenly goes to 0 in a matter of a minute.

    See print screen of my battery monitor - i . imgur . com / 1flGPyJ . jpg

    The phone doesn't get hot and seems to function fine. Occasional memory mess ups (photos from last year appearing in my recent photo album) but otherwise all ok.

    Any suggestions?

    05-21-2015 09:41 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Did that start happening immediately after the update? Does it happen repeatedly? The behavior looks more like a dendrite, which is something that can happen inside a battery that can lead to sudden power drops: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...tery-shot.html. So it might be coincidence.

    Try wiping the cache partition, which can help after system updates: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-11663
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    05-21-2015 10:39 AM
  3. Alex_W's Avatar
    The battery works fine from 100% to 30%, then hits a given percentage and drains immediately. I suspected that it's the displayed % that is wrong, and that the battery is in fact at 0% not 30%.

    It happens every time my phone gets down to that level and it has been charged by a USB charger, rather than a wall charger, if that makes any difference?
    05-21-2015 11:53 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    So it definitely doesn't do that if you've charged from a wall outlet? Maybe calibrating the battery software might help. Charge fully from a wall outlet, then use normally until you're <10% battery. Then charge up again, and repeat this about 3 times. Don't let it run down this low on a regular basis--just for this current purpose.
    05-21-2015 01:05 PM
  5. Alex_W's Avatar
    Thanks, I will give this a go!
    05-26-2015 07:52 AM
  6. Rukbat's Avatar
    I strongly suspect, after looking at your graph, that B. Diddy was right the first time - your battery is throwing a dendrite. There's nothing you can do but replace it. The battery is cheap, the only problem is that you shouldn't try to take the phone apart and replace it yourself, so you're going to be paying for labor.

    Read some of the links at Lithium Battery Dendrite links. There's really nothing anyone can do yet. (And if you think you have a problem, think how Chevy feels when a Volt that's under warranty throws a dendrite. The battery is more than 10 times the cost of your phone, and they get to eat that cost for every battery that goes bad under warranty. The auto industry is throwing money at the problem like money is poison and they have to get rid of it.)
    05-26-2015 03:51 PM

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