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    Clue's in the title. My phone's battery was absolutely fine until last week and now it's awful. I bought another one which didn't help leading me to believe the issue is the phone itself. I optimise my battery using 'Battery Doctor Pro' fairly regularly and it always states there are at most 45 problems draining my battery. I optimise the battery but to no avail, as they always return within 20 minutes. My battery used to last me the day and now I'm lucky to get 12 hours out of it with absolutely minimal usage.

    Thank you in advance.
    06-02-2015 03:00 PM
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    Battery Doctor is one of the problems, not a solution. Battery saver apps use more battery than they save. (A few of us here have tested a few of them, and no one has found one that saves battery.) And Cheetah Mobile? I wouldn't download an app of theirs within 50 feet of my phone - it might get contaminated. (Clean Master is proof that they don't understand how Android works.) Optimization wastes battery. Android has a memory manager. It knows what to keep in memory and what to not keep. If you kill something it wants to keep, it'll reload it. The "optimizer" will kill it again. Android will load it again. And so on. That wasted a lot of battery. (The last time I ran a test, my battery life doubled when I uninstalled the optimizer.)

    Check the battery stats. Create a free account here so you can post pictures, then charge the battery fully (to 100% then 30 minutes more). Let it run normally (use it) until it's down to about 50%. Then take a screen shot of Settings/General/Battery. Tap the graph at the top and take another screen shot. Post them both here. (See How To Post Screenshots on Android Central.) That will give us an idea of what's happening in your phone. (Tapping Screen on the first page and giving us a picture of that will help a little more.)
    06-04-2015 06:29 PM

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