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    After upgrading my s4 to lollipop, my battery life got worse (but I expected that, so that's no point). But another issue appeared: often, when the airplane mode is disabled and when I got a mobile data connection, my phone will shut down when it's battery level is below 30% (at least he thinks so).
    After starting it up again, I can either continue to use it with airplane mode enabled OR the phone will say it got between 0 and 5% and shut down again.
    After reading some information on this forum, I tried the battery status 'app'
    I pressed "quick start" a few times:
    1st time, battery level went from 30 to 20%
    2nd time, remained at 20%
    Then I plugged my phone in, battery level jumped to 54%
    I charged it up to 100%
    Unplugged and pressed quick start again, battery level went from 100 to 91%
    I charged it up to 100% again and pressed quick start again, it went to 98%
    I thought that that was not too strange so I recharged it and put it in my pocked.
    I have no idea if what I have done is bad but it seems to work, it has been in my pocked for 40min and with a screen on time of approximately 3min, Wi-Fi was turned on and airplane mode disabled and its still on 100%. Usually it would have drained to 97-98%

    In another thread someone said that if there is a difference between the battery level before and after the quick start, the phones battery is bad.
    So, should I buy a new battery?
    Thanks in advance,
    Inse van houts
    07-12-2015 07:14 AM

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