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    I am using the Canadian version notes 3 on Vodafone UK network. I found in rare occasions I was able to pick up LTE signal in London and only for a few minutes and will switch back H+ even when I move a few meters away from that location, which surprised me because I thought getting LTE signal was not possible due to model incompatibility. Now since the phone clearly is capable to run Vodafone's LTE, what is the reason for its not picking up the signal 99% of the time? My plan is a Vodafone 4G plan so it does include LTE.

    Another major issue I have is with battery. I found when on mobile network, the battery drains so quickly that I do not find my phone useful, the amount of time usable with a full battery is simply not enough. I am using CyanogenMod 12 + Zerolemon extended battery ( in a bid to maximize battery) and can only muster a shocking 7 hours. However, I do find when I am switched to wifi the drain tends to ease off. It is suspiciously indicating it is the network that is causing the problem, maybe related to the LTE issue above? Can some experts please help?
    08-12-2015 03:27 AM

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