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    I've had a note 4 for 9 months. Battery issues started after most recent software update. (5.0.1 on AT&T)

    Phone battery drains about 20% an hour with screen brightness completely lowered, and nearly nothing running in the background. (usually Facebook and messages or email only).

    Phone gets to 20-25 percent and I get a low battery warning. I'll plug it in and it dies 1-3 minutes after the warning. Phone will not charge until I remove the battery and shake it. Removing it and putting it back in without shaking it does not help. Battery is then 3-5 percent higher than it was when it powered down.

    Any ideas or advice? I'm losing my mind with the amount of charging I'm doing and never knowing if my phone is going to just... Die.

    08-20-2015 11:53 PM

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